Are you stuck in an unhappy relationship? Or maybe you keep attracting the wrong person?

In relationship or out, are you lonely?

It is your divine birthright to be filled with Love and Self-Love is the first step to creating wonderful relationships and abundance in your life.

These prayers will help you clear blocks, raise your vibration and expand your awareness as you bring more love into your life.

As you use these healing prayers you will also be starting a loving relationship with your Soul Guides.

If you're ready to shift your life and align to divine wisdom, enter your name and email below.

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About Lisa: 

Lisa Barnett is the #1 Int’l Bestselling Author of two books on the Akashic Records and the founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom. She was called by the Akashic Masters to channel and share their 5 Step Akashic Wisdom Prayer System® to assist in awakening humanity. 

She has helped thousands of people around the globe to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and health by aligning with their Soul’s Path, understanding their Soul Contracts, and breaking out of constricting patterns by receiving information from their own Akashic Record. As an internationally respected Akashic Records Transformational Teacher, Lisa has more than 25 years of experience guiding and teaching people Quantum healing and access to higher wisdom.

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